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Disastrous truck crashes happen everywhere in Pennsylvania. From Route 80 across northern PA, or the Pennsylvania Turnpike across southern Pennsylvania, our renowned truck crash firm accepts PA truck crash cases no matter where they happen. For over a quarter century, we have been the Premier Truck Crash Firm chosen by truck crash victims across Pennsylvania.

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  • Jon Ostroff has redefined my expectations of injury lawyers! In the worst part of my life, I not only gained a great friend in Jon, but a lawyer who did everything he said he could! Outstanding communication, integrity and compassion! A DAMN GOOD ATTORNEY!

    A Personal Injury Client
  • I’ve been in three auto accidents and for the first time in my life, I feel great about my attorney. Truly. [They are] empathetic and experienced, the perfect combination for an attorney, in my opinion.

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  • I left another lawyer in Pittsburgh because he said he could not help me, because I had limited tort insurance. I found Mr. Ostroff on line. He called me in 10 minutes, sent a lawyer to my home in two days and settled my case for $200,000 in less than one year.

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Trucks are huge, harder to control and far more dangerous than a car.

A tractor trailer truck speeding along on one of Pennsylvania’s major interstate highways at 65 mph is a massive missile. Truck crashes cause horrible injuries.

Across PA, for over a quarter century, Ostroff Law has been making dangerous truckers and their companies pay the victims they injure and kill.

Tractor trailer truckers and the companies they work for must take their professional driving responsibilities seriously.

Truckers get aggressive, tired, distracted or fall behind schedule and rush. Truckers can cause harm that is often life-changing to innocent drivers and passengers across Pennsylvania.

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